Outlook - way of warning if too many 'To' addressees


Victor Delta

We have to send regular newsletters to various groups of email addresses.
For obvious reasons, we always choose to do this using the bcc address

Occasionally it has been known for my colleague or me to accidentally use
the To field instead of the bcc one, and we are looking for a way to avoid

One way that has been suggested is if, when one clicks on the send button, a
warning message came up if there are, say, more than 10 addresses in the To
field. This would enable one to change the addresses over if an error had
been made.

Does anyone please know if there is a way of doing this using an Outlook
add-in or writing some vba code etc?



PS We use Outlook 2003

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

You'll need to use VBA to do this. See outlookcode.com for code samples.

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