Outlook Today shows my data for a second and then data dissapears.



I have upgraded my Office XP set to Office 2007. My Outlook data and folders
is all present and viewable in thier respective folder views but when I use
Outlook Today the data is displayed for a second and then dissapears leaving
just the headings. Applying any changes via the customize button has no
effect. I have yet to find any online help on this paticular behavior for
Outlook Today. I have tried creating a new data file and importing the
folders into the new folder with the same behavior in Outlook Today being the


Hi Roady,

Thanks for taking t he time to try to help me here. I did try as you say
and it did not change the behavior of the Outlook Today frame.

I also have tried suggections from customer service.

1. rename outlookwvw.dll
2. re-boot
3. run office repair

Those steps have not helped.

I am wondering if I should atttempt to wipe out my Office 2007 installation
and my Office XP installation and try an install from scratch. Some of the
upgrade installs never seem to work, there is always some residual to seems
to create conflicts.

Roady [MVP]

You didn't remove Outlook XP before installing Office 2007? You should do
that. An upgrade will only upgrade the same components but will leave the
rest installed.

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