Outlook Scanpst.exe Not Working



I am using Outlook 2003 and everything was working fine until a few
days ago.

When starting up Outlook I am prompted to find my PST file or create a
new one. When trying to start the existing one after browsing for it
but it errors out. It will create a new PST file successfully but no
data since it is newly created.

I attempted the scanpst.exe tool as suggested by Outlook but after a
period of time it states that there was an error. The scanpst.exe
tool shutsdown after the error is diplayed.

Is there anything I can do to restore the pst file?

I created a backup of the file and it is located on an external hard
drive when running the test. Would this generate and error?

Anyone use the scanpst.exe tool?


Hen scanpst doesnot work that means the PST file is corrupted nothing can be
done you can use third party tool to retrieve the data

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