Inbox Repair Tool Creates Errors



After many failed attempts to repair an Outlook 2007 pst file ("Errors were
found in this file."), I created a new data file and ran scanpst.exe on the
new, empty data file. After one pass, the result was "Only minor
inconsistencies were found in the file." I let it repair the file.

The result after running a second pass and all passes after that: "Errors
were found in this file."

It appears as if scanpst.exe is creating errors. I have tried this on
multiple new pst files on two different machines.

The version of scanpst.exe is 12.0.6501.5000.

The reason for attempting the repair is that Outlook shows high CPU usage
when viewing email in different folders. If it can't repair an empty file,
how will it ever fix a file with real data?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


This is an update to the original post. I ran version 11.0.8161 (Outlook
2003) on the same pst files - it works.

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