Outlook Public Folder: Recurring Appointment in Calendar




My company uses shared public calendar folders to schedule conference room
meetings. We currently have a problem with the conference room scheduling
folder that many people created recurring meetings with "No End Date" and
forgot to delete it from the calendar. It has been done like that for many
years, and now we have a serious problem that a lot of meetings in the
calendar folder are not active. Since the person who created the meeting
left my company or changed their job location, they are no longer able to
delete those inactive meetings. The inactive meetings block other people
from scheduling new meetings in that folder.

We have internal outlook support staff as well as public folder owners. I
tried to work with them. However, internal support staff don't have control
over existing individual public folder and cannot change settings, and the
public folder owners (administrative workers) are not quite sure what they
should do.

My idea is to turn off/disable "No End Date" button, and reset "End by:" as
a new default with a limitation on the recurrence duration, e.g. recurring
for 3 months maximum.

How should I do to control the recurrence feature of Outlook calendar in
public folder? Can the owners of public folders do that?


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