Outlook Print Problem - Compatibility Issue with IE7



Okay, here's the deal. We are starting to roll out IE7 to a few of our users
at a time. We are running fully-patched Windows XP systems with Office 2003,
and the IE7 rollout is simply an upgrade from 6. However, all of the users
who have tried IE7 are complaining of a print issue within Outlook.

All emails longer than 1 page are printing in a font directly converse to
the size of the email (i.e. the larger the email, the smaller the font)

Apparently, Outlook uses the IE7 print engine to print HTML emails. I think
the problem is that the "auto-fit" feature on IE7 is causing Outlook to
change its printing style.

I have tried checking the print settings in both Outlook and IE7 and I can't
find any way to turn this off (or just fix the bug) and test my theory. The
problem is not occuring with the Beta Version of Office 2007.

Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas as to the fix? Thanks in





We are also having the same problem at our company but I cannot find
any solution!

Only option is to change email format in Tools > Options > Mail Format
from HTML to rich text or save the email then open it with IE7 and
change the "Shrink to Fit" option in Print Preview.

Lets hope an update is released soon to allow us to set our default
print settings in IE7!

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