Cannot Print



We are running windows server 2003 w/ Exchange Server 2003 SP2. Our
workstations are running windows xp pro SP2 w/ office outlook 2003 SP3 and

We have multiple users using the same machine. There are some users who can
print e-mails and some who cannot. A user who cannot print e-mails clicks
the printer icon and/or goes to File-->print and nothing happens. I just
installed SP 3 for office in the hopes that this would resolve the issue, but
the same thing is happening. One user showed me how she can print a
"regular" e-mail, but cannot print an html e-mail message.

Any advise would be appreciated.


Sorry for the delayed response.

The user cannot print out the e-mail msg. after opening it up. One thing we
did notice is that she cannot print e-mails sent in the html format. Any
e-mails that are sent in rich text or plain text print out just fine. Do you
know how can I allow html e-mail messages to print?

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