Outlook or Outlook Express with Iphone


Chris L

I just bought an Iphone and want to be able to access email from both my
Iphone and my PC. I currently use Outlook Express on my PC and my email
provider is bellsouth.net (now AT&T) using POP3 protocol. I have many
different folders set up to categorize my email in Outlook Express.

I want to be able to access mail on Iphone or PC and be able to move
messages to different folders and have changes show up on the other device
the next time I log in on that device. I also want to be able to reference
sent items on whichever device I am using.

Is this possible? Do I need to switch to an IMAP email? I am willing to
switch my email address to make this happen. Does it matter if I use Outlook
Express or Outlook?

Will Outlook be easier to sync with Iphone to get calendar and tasks synced
between devices?



Outlook Express doesnt have a calendar or Tasks does it, which then gives
you one app choice
imap is probably simpler

Chris L

Thanks. What do you mean by one app choice. Are you referring to an
application for the Iphone? Appreciate the help.

Joe Grover

If you want Calendar synching you'll need to use Outlook, as Outlook Express
doesn't have one. However, you cannot sync your mail to an iPhone from
Outlook (only Calendars and Contacts). I believe for what you want to do
you'd have to use IMAP on both the iPhone. This would get you to have
folders on the server that you can access from both the iPhone and Outlook.
Getting the content from Outlook Express back onto the server and into IMAP
folders will be the fun part. The only direct interaction the iPhone will
have with Outlook and its contents on your PC is Calendar and Contacts via


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