any issues with Outlook integration for iPhone 3 GS?


Andrew Hamilton

My wife is interested in replacing her ancient Palm Treo with another
phone that has excellent Outlook integration, meaning contacts,
appointments, TO-DOs and reminders.

After a visit to the local Apple store, and talking with several
different employees there, I * think * I understand this issue:

Synchronization between a PC running Outlook and an iPhone uses iTunes
as the conduit. Once configured properly, synchronization takes place
automatically whenever the iPhone is plugged into its cradle or
whenever the user clicks on a button.

These are the issues with integration:

Outlook TO DOs are not supported directly by Apple. A third-party app
is needed.

Flag reminders added to emails are not synchronized, but calendar and
task reminders are synchronized, and are displayed as pop-ups.

Is this list complete?

Which apps do you use in conjunction with Outlook synchronization with
an iPhone?

Right now we are using Outlook 2003, but will be migrating later this
year to OL 2010.






Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Visit Apple's iPhone forum for Mail, Calendar and Contact issues at and you can get the
lowdown from people who all use both Outlook and an iphone.

There are some bugs to be aware of - I believe most can be avoided if you
always set end dates on all recurring appointments and events - for
birthdays, use an end date a few years in the future (say 2015 for annual
events) and the end of the year for frequent recurrences.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Do you sync your mailbox with a smartphone or pda?

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