Outlook not printing HTML messages



I have an user who couldn't print html messages or web pages from the
internet. She is a XP sp2 user that uses IE7 for the browser. I have
searched all day looking for a hotfix or anything. When she goes to
file - print it will print a blank page. I do not have a problem
printing plain text, rtf , contacts, or calendars. Does anyone have an
answer for me?




I have exactly the same problem. XP Pro, SP-2, Outlook (0ffice) 2003, IE-6.
Print preview is BLANK for my wife's user id, but when I log in, everything
works. She can not print preview anything HTML in outllook nor will pages
from IE-6 print or even show up on the print preview. When I log in,
everthing works. Upgraded to Office Pro 2007 and IE-7, same problem exists.
This is reaching the point of sledge hammer maintenance by my better half.
Surely SOMEONE out there can help with this!!!!

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