Outlook locks up completely



The only issue I have is that Outlook locks up as soon as it tries to
connect with the email server. I was running an old version of Office
Professional which included Outlook.
I think I’ve done every trick in the book. Nothing has been changed, no new
software etc. Windows updates daily. I just got up yesterday and it was
locked up. I rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled. When you look in task
manager there doesn’t seem to be an obvious culprit in processes chewing up
memory. Everything is ok with my email account.
Today I had the brainstorm of updating the software and Microsoft has a free
60 day trial of Office Professional 2007. I downloaded it and it is still
doing it. As soon as Outlook tries to connect to the server the CPU usage
goes to 100% and stays there until you reboot. It is actually downloading
email but at a snail’s pace. The last time I opened it, it downloaded 1.5 kb
in 15 minutes. Then I closed it back down and rebooted.
The big issue is a lot of my work is via email these days and I don’t like
either of my online email applications for what I’m doing. Any thoughts as to
what might be doing this? Thanks.

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