Outlook jammed up with Messenger ...


Rob Smith

Happily using XP Pro/Office Pro 2002 and formatted/reinstalled. Somehow
Messenger is imbedded in Outlook by default ???

Following install of Outlook I went to copy backup .pst file and discovered
a .pst (and 'extend' file) file already created. I removed/reinstalled
Outlook and now find a 'Outlook1.pst' file created ???

My Outlook email a/c now is Messenger default email addy and I cannot
remove/change it ???

Outlook can't read Outlook 'Contacts' and Address Book is BLANK despite
changing .pst file to 'Outlook1.pst' ...

Can anyone please unravel this Outlook/Messenger mess ???

Thanks in advance ...


http://www.howto-outlook.com/howto/backupandrestore.htm for varius info/tips
You also need to enter the correct email account details, as provided by
your ISP
Outlook1.pst is a new data file created in the process you used of
installing outlook
Uninstall/Reinstall of outlook is not going to help you as it reconnects to
the incorrect Profile data you initially set up

Rob Smith

Hi DL ... thanks for the link. I did the reinstall correctly as I have done
this previously ... always with issues ... grrr

I solved the Outlook Contacts/Address Book issue from previous notes ...
delete Outlook Address Book ... then reinstall it ... for some reason, voila

The Outlook1.pst issue I can live with ... worth noting the original
reinstallation failed to create the 'Outlook Folder' in Microsoft folder nor
the new .pst file in the first place ... the original problemo ..

The only issue not resolved is WLM still has Outlook as default email ...
any solution to how to change default email in WLM ... to say

Thanks in advance ...

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