Outlook 07 PST file permissions



Running 0utlook 07 on a 64 Vista Acer laptop. All was well until I tried to
set up access via local wireless home network and apparently altered
permissions on the Outlook.pst file. Could not start program on laptop - got
'cannot open default email folders'. Accessed folder options and reset to
allow administrator (not inherited) full access on the Outlook.pst file.
Still no success. Created new profile using command line "outlook.exe
/promptimportprf \\localfolder\outlook.prf" in run creating file
Outlook1.pst. Now can start Outlook in new profile; but attempting to ADD
access to the old file using DATA FILE MANAGEMENT in File pulldown. Result:
The file c:/user/Acer/Appdata/local/microsoft/Outlook/outlook.pst cannot be
opened. UGH! Ideas please?

Roady [MVP]

I don't see how you can change permissions on the pst-file by configuring
wireless access. What exactly did you do?
Can you copy the pst-file to a different location (like your Documents
folder) and access it then?
Run scanpst.exe against it to check it for errors.
See http://www.msoutlook.info/question/77

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