Outlook, IIS SMTP, POP3 (argosoft) and MOSS configuration


chris r

Hi all -

If there's another place to ask this question that you know of please let me
know, but I couldn't find a better group, and I also have looked around and
experimented for quite a while now for a solution.

I have Windows 2008 32-bit and MOSS 2007 in a single virtual machine
environment. There is no Exchange (Virtual Server restricts to 32-bit OS),
and that would be more than I need at this point anyway. There is no internal
POP3 since it is win2008. I have not knowingly set up anything Active
Directory, DNS, MX records, etc.

I have configured IIS 6.0 virtual server and installed ArGoSoft email
software (mail server and .NET freeware versions have the same effect to be
described). I need IIS SMTP for MOSS incoming emails. If I don't start
argosoft SMTP (by keeping the same port 25 as with IIS SMTP and therefore not
allowed), then most email sending/recieving scenarios between Outlook and
MOSS do not work correctly. If I change IIS SMTP to another, available, port,
then most scenarios work.

So this is the configuration: IIS SMTP set to port 251. argosoft SMTP set to
port 25, argosoft POP3 set to port 110. IIS and argosoft domains: localhost,
moss (machine name), and moss.loc (alias). One user in argosoft and Outlook:
(e-mail address removed). In MOSS I set the email domain to sp.loc. In Outlook I set
the incoming and outgoing servers to and it connects with argosoft
just fine.

If I send an email to (e-mail address removed) from Outlook, I get the email. Good.
If MOSS sends an email to (e-mail address removed) (through an alert), I get the email
in Outlook. Good.
If I send an email to (e-mail address removed) (an email address set up in MOSS) from
Outlook, I get a bounced email in Outlook ("The following recipient(s) cannot
be reached: '(e-mail address removed)' 501 Account does not exist"), and the log file in
argosoft says that it can't "resolve MX records for domain sp.loc". Not good.

I've tried to include all variations for sp.loc to IIS and argosoft domain
lists (including not adding it at all) and nothing seems to change or other
errors surface. I've tried many, many other things as well with no luck. I'm
sure there's a simple answer here.

I'd like argosoft to simply place the email in the drop folder so MOSS can
retrieve it. argosoft gets the MOSS-generated email through the drop folder
just fine. argosoft seems to hang onto the (e-mail address removed) email rather than
placing it in the drop folder and after a number of failed attempts at
resolving the mx record issue it found it sends a delivery failure
notification email to Outlook.

Does anyone know how resolve my issue? I have tried just about everything
and I am not an email config wiz. Greatly appreciated in advance!

- Chris

Milly Staples - MVP Outlook

microsoft.public.deployment.server or microsoft.publc.deployment.desktop
would be better for this type of question.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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