Outlook: how to search all emails for any occurrance of specific phrase?



Using MS Office Outlook 2004 SP 2 on Win2K

I've noticed that in Outlook, if you do a Find that contains more than
one word, Outlook assumes that you want to find any email that contains
EITHER word (Boolean "OR") and thus is pretty useless for searching.

I've tried putting the phrase in quotes, I've tried the Advanced Search
(which has lots of options but nothing to force it to search by a
phrase). I'm astonished that there's no way to do this, as even a free
gmail account allows users to search for more than one word. Does
anyone know of a work-around, patch, or anything? I can find nothing
in the built-in help, and have spent an hour or so googling around, and
have turned up absolutely nothing on this topic.


To answer my own question, apparently it simply isn't possible. Since
posting the question, I've found a great many other users complaining
about this exact thing over the last 5 years or so. Not a single such
question has ever elicited an answer, other than "stop using crappy
Microsoft software and get gmail account," of course.


I use Coppernic DTS, which haveing just tested for your requirement, works.
Perhaps MS DTS works also, but I dont use it, as when I last tested the
beta, it caused problems with Office 2003, which the DTS beta team

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