Outlook freezes straight after launching.



Outlook freezes straight after launching.
The Outlook window appears, my email messages load, then my Tasks appear,
then they (Tasks) disappear.
Then the mouse cursor disappears whenever I try to move it over the Outlook
pane (as though the cursor is disappearing under it).
Sometimes I get an error message saying “Another application has the Switch
Identities or Identity Login dialog showing. Choose an Identity in that
dialog before launching this application again.â€
Nothing responds. If I right-click on the Outlook button on the Toolbar, the
“Restore...Minimize...Close†dialog appears, but none of the choices does
Ctrl_Alt_Del => Windows Task Manager shows Outlook “Running†and “End Taskâ€
shuts it down immediately.
I’ve tried
1. Diabling virus scanning and firewall (Kaspersky)
2. Uninstalling the only Add-In (Cloudmark Desktop)
3. Running “Outlook Repair†(when it wasn’t quite as bust as it is now)
4. Repairing Office from the Installation DVD
5. Removing and re-installing Office (twice) from the Installation DVD
6. Starting Outlook in “Safe Mode†from Start/Run
7. Going back to a Restore Point – but these only go back 3 days, and I’ve
been wrestling with the problem for over two weeks now.
8. Repairing/tidying the Registry (with Max Registry Cleaner)
9. Requesting free “support†from Microsoft. But they want the Product ID
Number which their downloaded app can’t retrieve, and I can’t get at because
Outlook won’t start...
None of these makes any discernible difference.

I wonder if it’s some sort of display problem, because the Outlook window
gets sort of “carved up†when I open other application windows over it.
My outlook.pst file is 236MB.
Everything else – including all my other Office 2007 apps – works just like
I’m running Win 97 Pro with all updates installed – (I believe: I have
Automatic Updates turned on). Since everything else continues to work as
before, I presume details of my hardware are irrelevant, but if they can help
anyone to help me, I’ll gladly post them.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Any help much appreciated.


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