Outlook/Exchange Shared Calendar not updating




We have a secretary updating her boss's calendar everyday. All of a
sudden, none of her new or edited calendar entries are not being
updated at her boss's calendar. He doesn't see any updates as she
adds or changes them. If I go to another user's computer and update
the same boss's calendar, it works fine. The problem seems to be
isolated to her computer. Can anyone suggest any fixes? We're using
OL2007 and Exchange 2003 SP2 on SBS 2003 server.

By the way, I fixed it once by deleting her profile and recreating it,
but the same problem came back after a week. Any good ideas?

Thanks in advanced!



Diane Poremsky {MVP}

is she using some form of an offline calendar of his or is she accessing his
mailbox directly?



Allan Morgan


I have the same kind of problem here with a couple of users. Office
2007/WinXPSP2. Exchange 2003 SP2.

Admin opens Outlook, then opens boss's Calendar via File->Open->Other Users
Folder, types in boss's name and selects Calendar. Admin makes a change to
Calendar and boss never sees the change.

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