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Out company currently uses Lotus notes with domino servers.
the domino servers have RightFax installed.

I have recently setup Outlook 2003 with the "Outlook connector for Domino"
the Microsoft website. this allows me to use outlook to send emails, but
via the domino

My problem is this. In notes I can send emails to recipient such as
(e-mail address removed)
and I can also send faxes through rightFax on the Domino server with
[email protected]@fax
I know the general format of the fax addressing is not SMTP compliant, but
handles that.

If I use outlook, I can email just fine, but when I try to Fax it comes up
saying the email
addresss is invalid.

Why does outlook do this check if it is meant to send all outbound mail to
the Domino connector ?
How do I turn this check off and simply force outlook to give the connector
the addresss "as is".

screen shots from document below may help illustrate the problem.


Any help will be appreciated.

Please reply to the newsgroup.



jochen tuemmers


I am not sure about the specific case of DOMINO in combination with
RightFax, but in the Outlook e-mail options there is an option to turn
automatic name checking off. If I understand your posting correctly,
this is what is happening in Outlook.

In Outlook 2000 the path to take is: Tools->Options->E-mail
Options->Advanced E-mail Options. And then turn off "Automatic name
checking". For other Outlook versions it should be a similar point to
watch out for.


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