Outlook Connector Corrupting Attachments in Notes ?


John MacIlwaine

Using the new Connector with Outlook 2002, we are experiencing a problem in
that about 50% of the time, an attachment is opened from Outlook, using the
Connector, we get a message that the 'Attachment is corrupt'.

We then launch the Lotus client and cannot open the attachment from Lotus
either. Is it possible that the Connector is corrupting the file during
MAPI exchange? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or resolve this? Here are
the details:

Notes Server: 5.12
Notes Client: Current version: 6.5

Office Version Office XP

Mail: Outlook 2002

Outlook Connector: 2002

Bob Samuels

No help, but I am experiencing the same exact problem with attachments. I'm
using Client version 5.10. Let me know if you resolve it!


Stacey Roach

Same here. If I get the error in Outlook, I have been able
to go over to Notes and right click on the file and
perform a 'Save...'. In doing so, it says the file is
corrupted and leads you to believe it doesn't save the
attachment to your hard drive.

But lo and behold, its out there and works fine. Of
course, the idea behind the connector is to be able to get
away from Notes. This can't be done unless you never
receive attachments :)


Balaji Hariharan [MSFT]

Although you have mentioned your Notes version, Can you tell us if either
the sender/receiver (atleast one) is using any variant of Notes Client
6.0.2CF1/CF2? If yes, there is a known issue with this and we do not
recommend using them (see readme).
Also, are the attachments that get corrupted always Office documents (doc,
ppt, xls etc.)?
//Balaji Hariharan


I get the same symptoms as are described below. The attachments in
question were PDF files. The sender was using Notes 5.0.8 and I'm
using 5.0.11. Please help us resolve this error so we can be free of

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