Outlook 2003 + Notes Connector issues


Shikari Shambu

I have Outlook 2003 using Outlook Connector for notes trying to connect to
Lotus Note 6.5.

I get the following error when I start Outlook

1st Dialog)
Outlook Connector for Domino could not be started. Verify that the Notes

2nd Dialog)
Profile is not complete because your Notes.ini file has not been
personalized ....

Now, my Notes.ini is personalized and my Louts Notes client does work

Even the Outlook 2003 connection to Notes used to work fine until my
ActiveSync messed up everything.

I have since then tried
a) Uninstall/ reinstall of Outlook Connector
b) Uninstall/ reinstall of Outlook 2003
c) Uninstall/ reinstall of Activesync

However, the problem remains.

Any help is appreciated.



I got the same error using Windows XP after installing XP
Service Pack 2. Couldn't make it work after that at all.

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