Outlook calendar appointment times change mysteriously



Periodically, some appointments in my Outlook calendar mysteriously change by
one hour. I have double-checked the time zone and daylight savings time
settings, and they are fine. Not all of my appointments change; just some of
them. Some of them are meetings and others are just appointments without any
other attendees. I sync my outlook calendar with my iPod touch, and it seems
like it may be related. However, the appointment times remain correct in the
iPod calendar. Does anyone have a clue what might cause this?



Roady [MVP]

The syncing could very well be the issue indeed. Sounds like some
appointments are not store time zone independent and/or you have not applied
the latest time zone/DST definitions to your computer and/or iPod.

Does it work correctly when you don't sync at all?
The issue could correct itself after a few days when "the original" DST
period occurs.
Recreating the affected appointments will most likely solve it as well.

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