Outlook cached exchange mode



Hi all,

Has anyone come across this issue.

We are using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003 in cached mode and using local
profiles on computers.

If a user logs onto another PC and opens outlook and sends an email and
closes outlook very shortly after, the message is sent and the recipients
confirm that it has been received.

However if the user then goes back to his own PC and opens outlook the
message does not show in his sent items.

It's as though Outlook on the 2nd machine is not updating the server when it
closes, which is a bit worrying.

Many thanks

neo [mvp outlook]

This is expected behavior when using cached mode. Outlook 2003 can take up
to 1 minute before it will sync item(s) correctly. You will also see issues
with Deleted Items (e.g. empty the folder and then shutdown Outlook) where
you can still see the items in OWA > Deleted Items.

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