Outlook 2003, in Cached Exchange Mode, won't open



I've searched here and can't find a similar situation. I am a simple user in
a network environment at work. We are small and have no IT person. So I am
asking y'all for help.

I keep getting junk mail. I went to flag it as junk, but a screen popped up
stating something that I can not flag a user unless in Cached Exchange Mode.
So, I loked up how to do this, ticked the box to be in Cached Exchange Mode.

So, I went to start up Outlook, the screen flashes to Outlook, but then it
goes away and this message pops up - " Cannot start Microsoft outlook. Unable
to open the Outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened. The
server is not available. Contact your administrator if the condition
persists. "

I can get to anywhere else on the network, and to this Internet site, so I
am connected to the server.

FWIW, I also have my home email addresses checked by my work Outlook while
I'm logged in.

Anyway, how do I get out of Cached Exchange Mode while I can not open Outlook.

Thanks for helping me out here.


K. Orland


If you're not connecting to an Exchange server (usually used in a business
environment but it sounds like yours may not be one of them), you can't use
Cached Exchange Mode. Open Outlook in Safe Mode:

Start > Run > outlook.exe /safe <enter>

Then make the change you wish. Close Outlook and open is as usual. As for
your original problem, please post back with the exact message.


Hello Kathleen
Thank you for replying. I did that, but I end up with the same result and
same message.

I am in a network environment.

Any other ideas?



Hi Kathleen

I did type the safe mode comman properly. That didn't work. So I sort of
followed your directions. Once there, I saw that I could get to my existing
account and untick the Cached Exchange Mode. I did so, and it worked. I now
have email again!

Thanks for all your help.

I am not playing around with Cached Exchange Mode anymore.

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