Outlook Address Book Still Won't Recognize Contacts



I have thoroughly reviewed, and tried, the various suggestions posted here,
and elsewhere in the Windows Community, for solving this problem. Nothing has
worked so far.

On a new machine, using VISTA and Outlook 2007, I used Windows Easy Transfer
to copy files from Windows XP & Outlook 2007. The new Outlook Address Book
(OAB) does not recognize the contacts information in the .pst file.

On the first try at transfer, the mail, tasks, and calendar info copied
successfully, and worked fine, but the Contacts info did not display. Based
on advice elsewhere on this forum, I concluded that the Contacts file was
probably in the wrong format, from being copied over from prior versions of
Office. I changed that as instructed, prepared a temporary .pst file, copied
that to the new machine, then cust & pasted that data from the temp .pst
Contacts display into the default .pst Contacts display. That process brought
all of my contacts into Outlook 2007 and in that location, the contact data
is all useable. (For example, from any contact card, I can create a new mail
message and the email address opens in a new message box.)

But, I still cannot open a new message and select an address from the OAB.
It is blank.

In Mail > File > Data File Management > Address Books Tab, the OAB is
displayed. However, it does not list itself when Change is clicked.

In Contacts > Properties > OAB tab, the "Show this folder as an OAB" is
grayed out.

Research here took me to this page:

Contacts are not available in the Address Book

This page accurately describes the problem, and ends with the advice to
"recreate your mail profile," because the OAB service is corrupted.

That leads to these instructions:

Adding/Recreating a Mail Profile

I created a new mail profile, but the problem remains identical. So I am at
a deadend.

--vicmike 7/24/08

Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

Make sure you've have the Outlook Address Book service installed and you've
set the Contacts folder to show as an e-mail Address Book:

"Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" check box is dimmed in Outlook
Contact folder properties


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