Outlook 2010 macro to open email and reply

Nov 19, 2017
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I have a situation where I get these emails from (e-mail address removed) when somebody pays me for something they bought. I want to autoreply to that email so I made a template with a reply message and set up a rule to reply when that email comes in.

Here is the problem:
When i do this the email gets sent to s(e-mail address removed)
When I look in outlook it says in the from column (e-mail address removed) and when I open the email and hit reply it shows the buyers email address in the to box and not (e-mail address removed) and when I look at the properties of the email the buyers email shows up as

From: "(e-mail address removed)" <(e-mail address removed)>

X-Email-Type-Id: PPX000600

Reply-To: One 506 Media <janedoe(e-mail address removed)>

If i open the email and select reply it will show (e-mail address removed) in the to field.

You think there is any way to prevent that so it goes to the buyer.

It seems to me that if it were possible to open the email and then auto reply it would go to the buyer and then close the email again.

Would it be possible to do with a macro so that when an email comes in it will run the macro, open the email, reply and then close the email ?



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