Outlook 2007 spell check and .NET code



Our company has been working on an Outlook AddIn using VSTO which has a
number of issues which we have not been able to resolve yet.

We would appreciate any insight or assistance you can offer.

Our AddIn uses CommandBarButton.Execute() to trigger a spell check before
continuing to run its own code which eventually pops up a .NET form. In the
Outlook 2003 version, this works fine. In the Outlook 2007 version of the
AddIn, the code does not wait for the spellcheck to be completed before
continuing to run, which results in our .NET form appearing over the top of
the spellcheck window instead of appearing after it closes. How can we get
the form to only popup once the spell check has been finished/closed?

Thank you for your advice.


I was able to work around this issue by using the CheckSpelling method on the
WordEditor object instead of using CommandBarButton.Execute in the Outlook
2007 version of the AddIn.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Is the Word CheckSpelling method a blocking synchronous method? I thought it
was asynchronous.

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