Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Views


Curtis C

I cannot get the reading pane in Outlook 2007 to look and print the same as
2003. I use forms in Excel you send as email, not an attachement but you use
the body as the email. This allows the email, in 2003, to print the same way
it was set up in Excel. When I use 2007, it does not allow me to send it as
other than an attachment. People still using 2003 can send it to me but it
does not look like an HTML but more like rich text and loses all the

What am I missing?



Sue Mosher [MVP]

You may have missed all the articles that came out when Outlook 2007 was
released about the changes in how it renders HTML. Form elements, in
particular, are not supported. Users can, however, open the message and use
the Other Actions | View in Browser command to see the message in a web

As for sending from Excel with the spreadsheet as the message body, my blog
post at
exp explains how to configure Excel or Word to make that easy to do.

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