Outlook 2007 not getting new emails on first start up.


Thomas Nielsen

Hi there news group :)

We have a Exchange 2003 setup (SBS) with Outlook setup to use RPC over HTTPS
and it works fine, most of the time.

But sometimes we have an issue with some users not getting new emails.

Outlook apears to be connected to Exchange, but it does not update.

It appears to happen only when the user starts outlook first time after

The solution for the user is to restart outlook, then the new email gets

The problem is both on our XP and Vista clients.

Outlook is updated with SP2

We use Panda Antivirus on the clients.

Thomas Nielsen



Roady [MVP]

Make sure you have your firewall set allow UP packages for outlook.exe

In addition to that, uninstall the integration part of your virus scanner
and try again; you'd still be sufficiently protected by your on-access
scanner part of the virus scanner. For more details see;

Thomas Nielsen

Hi Robert.

Thx, for your reply.

Not sure about your solution, thinking weakening the security and not fixing
the real problem.

Have 2 questions for you:

1: What is Outlook UP packages (TCP or UDP and port number?)

I am using Outlook over RPC over HTTPS and I am not having
connection problems internaly or externally.

Outlook reaches the exchange server but it does not transfer the

2: It is the first time I have seen any one suggest to disable the
antivirus for an email program delivered by Microsoft.

Have you by any chance got a link to a security related website
suggesting the same approach

Best regards



Roady [MVP]

No, it's not weakening the security in any way since the ports should be
opened for Outlook to function properly either way. They are opened by
default as well but 3rd party firewall solutions could have closed them as
well as fully resetting the built-in Windows firewall.

1) Sorry about the typo (new keyboard, still missing some letters every now
and then). I meant to say; open UDP traffic for Outlook.
An overview of ports being used by Exchange 2003 can be found here;

2) There are numerous of reasons why you should not have it integrated with
Outlook. Can you give a good reason why you want to have a virus scanner
solution integrated with Outlook? Attachments cannot be launched
automatically and even if the user lowered security and double clicked,
saved and then launched a virus, your on-access virus scanner would kick in
since the file is written and launched from disk.

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