Outlook 2007 "last updated" issue



This summer we’ve upgraded most of our workstations and mobile users to
Office Outlook 2007 SP2 (from 2003) with an Exchange 2003 SP2 back-end, using
cached exchange mode. Once in a while on a seemingly random basis, we’ve had
users (myself included) that have the status of “Connected to Microsoft
Exchange†but show a message of “This folder was last updated at xxxxx†as if
they were working offline. When this happens, no e-mail is received and you
can sit for hours without realizing something is wrong or at least until you
get suspicious that you’ve not received any e-mail for a while. To get e-mail
coming in again we either tell Outlook to work offline and then reconnect or
just restart the Outlook application.

We’ve turned on logging in Outlook advanced settings and nothing out of the
ordinary appears in the log files and I didn’t see anything odd in the “Sync
Issues†folder, though I admit with logging on I may have missed something
due to the sheer number of sync messages. There are also no error or warning
messages in any of the event logs on the Exchange server. Since there are no
error messages and because of the seeming randomness of the issue it’s really
hard to trouble-shoot, so I’m hoping someone has an idea. It affects both
desktop and mobile users, but only those who were upgraded to Outlook 2007.
Using Outlook 2003 does not produce this issue.

Our setup is a native Windows 2003 domain with our users running Windows XP
with the latest updates. The only major difference between our network and a
standard windows domain setup is that our users have redirected application
data (configured before my time and not a setting I prefer, honestly), but I
don’t think this is related to our issue, especially since users are only
logged onto one machine at a time.



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