Outlook 2007 fails to launch on upgrade to Win 7 / Office SP2



Outlook 2007 fails to launch on my fresh upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista.
I repaired my .pst files, disables all my plugins for outlook, and turned
off my McAfee email scanning.

I have applied Office SP2.

I am caught in a cycle of launching normally, then safe mode, then "Detect
and Repair". The first two modes cause a crash & the third does nothing but
exit silently.

Usually, Outlook comes up & gets to the point where it would make contact
with a server to populate a preview pane then immediately crashes. The
debugger says:
"Unhandled exception at 0x638e68e5 in OUTLOOK.EXE: 0xC0000005: Access
violation reading location 0x0000000c."

I have tried to run as administrator, but this doesn't change anything. I
have also tried running in XP and Vista SP2 compatibility modes,

I have used the control panel ->Mail widget to "Repair" my mail settings and
can not connect to the mail server automatically... When I keep hitting
next, the manual config screen pops up, I verify that all the settings are
correct (using SSL / TLS for gmail) and can manually check the settings as

Roady [MVP]

What exactly has been logged about this to the Event Viewer?
For more details about the Event Viewer see

This has been an in-place upgrade from Vista to Windows 7?
Not always do applications and their settings get transferred correctly. Can
you fully install any office 2007 application/suite from your computer and
then do a fresh installation Office 2007 and reapply Service Pack 2 and
additional updates?

If it still doesn't work then, create a new Windows user and log on with
that user. Does it work now?
This step will help determine if the issue is at machine level or at user

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