Outlook 2007 does not recognize my antivirus program on Win2k3 SP2


Dave Holmes

When trying to use Snag-it to send an image to outlook, I keep encountering
an error that reads:

"A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in outlook.
If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify your antivirus software is up to

From reading the outlook help, it appears that this is related to the trust
settings in Outlook. In order for the trust settings to work correctly,
Outlook needs to feel confident that there is antivirus software installed on
my machine. However, when I go to Tools > Trust Center, and select
Programmatic Access, I see the following message:

"Antivirus status: Unavailable. This version of Windows does not support
antivirus detection."

What can I do to convince outlook that I do, in fact, have antivirus
software on this machine?

I'm using Outlook 2007 on Windows 2003 server SP2. I have a symantec
antivirus product installed an updated.

K. Orland

Outlook does not require antivirus to scan incoming and outgoing mails since
your real time scanner will catch whatever it's updated for. The error you're
seeing is because Snag It is accessing Outlook.

Dave Holmes

Hi Kathleen,

You are very right. The message that I'm seeing is because snag it is
attempting to access outlook. What I would like to know is how to make the
message stop appearing.

When I searched on the snag it problem, the solution was to enable trusted
access in outlook. That is supposed to solve the problem.

However, in order to enable the trusted access, outlook must first recognize
that there is an antivirus program installed. This seems to be a pre-req to
prevent the problem from appearing.

There is information in the outlook documentation here:

I could just disable all warnings of this kind, but it seems that the more
correct method is to have outlook recognize my antivirus program. That should
allow the snagit add-in to correctly work with outlook.

- Dave

Jez Oldfield

I too am using a third party application (visualfiles) and it sends emails,
but i do get that message allowing access. I also see the same thig in
programatic access about antivirus, and because it is citrix, the box i am
running outlook on is windows 2003 and it will not detect the AV settings.

there is a fix i am told called redemption.dll, but you have to pay for it!
and i've only seen that working with outlook 2k3, and i'm on 2k7.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated!


I'm having this problem as well with a third party application that sends
email. I have the Redemption DLL registered but the question still comes up.
I'm using Trend Micro on Server 2008 with Outlook 2007 and I have the
"Antivirus status: Unavailable. This version of Windows does not support
antivirus detection." message also.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

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