Outlook 2007 "a program is trying to send an e-mail" and no help f



Outllook 2007 message box comes up "A program is trying to send an e-mail
message on your behalf. If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify your
antivirus software is up-to-date. For more information about e-mail safety
and how you might be able to avoid getting this warning, click Help. 3
buttons are there, Allow, Deny, and Help. The Help file does not display any

Outlook 2000 it does. Is this a known issue in Outlook 2007?
Thank you, Suzanne

Michael Bauer [MVP - Outlook]

That security feature exists since about six years. Do you have an addin
running that you use to send e-mails?

Best regards
Michael Bauer - MVP Outlook

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Am Tue, 26 Aug 2008 16:14:03 -0700 schrieb Suzanne:


Hi Michael, thanks for responding. I wasn't very clear, sorry. I am having
trouble because I select Help in the below scenario and I do not get any Help
Files. I have tried to on two different systems and I get "The Help Viewer
has encountered an unexpected problem and cannot continue". Where in Office
2000 I get -Security Added to Outlook 2000, -E-mail Security Update, and then
-Main Outlook Help, Help files.
Thank you, Suzanne

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