Outlook 2007 Can not change automatic download settings.



I recently upgraded to Office 2007.

In Outlook, when I receive emails that have embedded graphics, the graphics
have the red X through them. I can download the pictures my right clicking
and selecting download or by clicking on the message bar at the top and
selecting download pictures.

However, I would like Outlook to automatically download the pictures. When I
go into trust center and automatic download, "Dont download pictures
automaticall in HTML emails" is checked off AND it is GRAYED out so I can not
change it.

Email security is NOT set to read all emails as plain text.

I created a new Outlook profile and it is the same way in the new profile.

How can I fix this?



I have also performed a Outlook repair and even un-installed Outlook and
reinstalled Outlook and it is still the same.

I have searched the registry but can not find anything that seems like it

Does anyone know if/how to change this?

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