Outlook 2007 (and 2003) Receive replies to my emails with ONLY myorig. text




In Outlook 2007 (It happened in Outlook 2003 also) When I send a
message to some people, if they just reply to my email, I do not see
any text but my original text.

I send in HTML and I do not have an Exchange Server - we just have
GoDaddy host web and email. It is not an antivirus issue either.

More info - I set Outlook to not delete the mail on the server - then
grab the mail that with no text from the sender - it ALWAYS has an
attachment winmail.dat - and outlook express has all their text in it.

From what I read via searching - it seems to be related to the person
that replies to my mail is using RichText. But I cannot control what
they use.

I know this has been a problem for ages - but I have never found a fix
short of text only emails.

I use text onlt at home (heck I use pine at home). But that does not
work for my Office.

Any help at all?




Hello CharlieA,

I can do it for you.
Please reply if you want it.

Regards Andrej




Anyone - Please !

I got another one today.

I have to use otlook for sync - but now I have to have outlook not
delete messages from server - and when I get these - I open them up in
outlook express

there MUST be a fix!

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