Outlook 2007 always starts in safe mode



Have a user that fires up Outlook 2007 and it always starts in safe
mode. Gives her a message that Outlook was not closed properly (but
iftwas) and needs to check data files. It checks files and everything
comes back okay. Still, each time she opens Outlook it starts in safe

Francine Otterson

Even though Outlook is being closed it still may have another instance running. Go into the Control Panel task manager. Make sure under processes that there are no outlook.exe running after you close Outlook. If there end them as well. Restart Outlook and let the check complete itself on the next start-up of Outlook.

If there were no other running then do a detect and repair on the software. As always make sure that all updates windows and office are installed.

Best Regards,

Francine Otterson
tyrannomac wrote on Wed, 20 February 2008 08:43

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