Outlook 2007 - Altering Sort Order changes currently selected email


Bruce Lortz

I was having a strange problem with Outlook 2007. When viewing any mail
folder, I can click on the column headers to change the sort order. When
performing this action on one of my computers the currently selected Email
remains selected, however, on another computer the selected email position
is lost and the email at the top of the new sort order becomes selected. If
I reset both "views" to their default settings, they still exhibit the same
behaviour (one works as I expect, the other jumps to the top of the list
upon changing the sort order).

This is an annoying problem, because most of the time I identify a
particular email by date, then click on the "from" field to view other
messages from that person. When the selection moves to the top of the list,
I have to scroll down through all of the emails to locate the message

Has anyone else had this sort of problem? Is there a setting that I'm

Thank you for your time,



Diane Poremsky

its not a setting and it should stick. try starting outlook with the
/cleanviews switch. It will wipe out all custom views and I'm not 100% sure
it will fix the problem since you've reset the views... so if you use custom
views you might want to wait and see if any one else has a better idea
before wiping them all out.


Bruce Lortz

Thank you for the response. I tried the /cleanviews switch and (as you
expected) it failed to produce results. Moving along that same line of
thought, I opened up the Windows XP control panel and performed a "repair"
of the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" installation.

After the repair (and reboot), this had not changed anything either. I have
noticed that it only seems to reset to the top of the list when the "FROM"
field is selected, the "Subject" or "Received" fields do not exhibit such a

As a test, I created a subfolder named "test", and moved a few mail items
into it. Interestingly enough, the subfolder did not exhibit these problems
(the size of the inbox with the problem is around 900+ items).

Therefore, I archived all items, added about 20 back to the original inbox,
and Lo!, the problem had cleared up. I did not investigate much further,
but with around 200 items the problem started to crop up again. I noticed
when the selection jumps to to the top of the list, there is a slight pause,
like the issue is dealing with indexing or something.

Anyway, I'm not too concerned with the problem at this point, and again,
thank you for the response.
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Nov 15, 2011
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I wasted a loooong time trawling websites looking for answer to this, as the same issue was driving me nuts! The solution was so simple that I'm still slapping my head at how obvious it was!

Anyway, for anyone still struggling with it, here is the solution: just UPDATE OUTLOOK!

Apparently this was a known issue and they fixed it in an update, but nobody on any of these pc advice websites knew about it. On Outlook, click 'help' at the top and then follow whatever steps it tells you to take to get it updated. You're welcome :)

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