Outlook 2003 message stays in bold after it is read



A few days ago my outlook 2003 messages in my inbox folder stay in bold after
I read them. The message shows as read and even if I do a Ctl +Q there is no
change in the font If I close outlook after reading them and then read them
again then the bold goes to normal. I am running XP pro all updates applied
outlook 2003 SP3.
I have run scanpst to clean my pst file and I have unistalled and
reinstalled office 2003 and the problem persists. If I move my pst file to
another PC the problem goes away.
How can I make my messages go to normal rather than bold after they are read


This could be related to a faulty/modified view. You could try starting
Outlook 1 time with the /cleanviews command line switch. Just keep in mind
that this will delete all custom views and reset the built-in ones back to
their defaults.

How to:
Start | Run
Type: outlook.exe /cleanviews
OK button

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