Outlook 2003 Email Wont Send.


Andrew Staley

One of my users is having a rather weird problem with Outlook 2003 SP3
(Using Exchange 2003) everytime she types an email and hits "Send" it sit's
in her Outbox until she clicks on another folder, at which point it goes
without problem.

Everything has been running fine on her machine until yesturday when this
problem 1st appears. So far I havn't been able to find the cause of the

AutoUpdates are applied through WSUS, but no updates installed within the
last two weeks as we are still checking through them. Send/Receive should
be automatic as connected no issue with the LAN. Mailbox is only several
hundred MB and no where near the server limits. And Outlook is not runnnig
in cached mode so no corrupted OST file.

Has anyone seen this problem before, or know how/or where to start lookig to
fix it?

Thanks in advance, Andrew.



Michael Dragone

I once saw something similar where a user had accidentally unchecked the
"Send immediately when connected" checkbox under Tools\Options\Mail Setup.


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