Outlook 2000 won't close-messages can't be received




We have a PC here in the office that has MS Outlook 2000 installed
(SP2). The user has occasional problems: when the mail is checked for
new messages (every few minutes), there is an error that the server
can't be accessed. Usually the remedy that fixes the problem is to
exit the program, then check for any running instances of OUTLOOK.EXE
in the task manager. Once I close all of them, then re-run Outlook,
the problem is fixed. Can someone tell me why Outlook is not closing
properly? Are there any fixes for this?





Set the outlook check for new mail to 10 minutes, less can cause
resource/server problems
Generally outlook not closing properly can be down to plugins/coms, eg
intergrated anti virus
What type of mail account, pop, imap or?
And if above what size is the pst file? (data file/personal folders file)

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