Outlook 2000 (time-stamp on received mail, check-for-mail not working)


Outlook Guy

My computer (win-98se) has a correctly modified time-zone registry entry
for my time zone so it knows when DST is.

The clock in the bottom corner of my screen says 10:45 pm EST, and it's
currently set for GMT-5.

In outlook, I just recieved an e-mail with the following in the header:

from (sender's out-bound SMTP server) by (my corporate server)
for (me)
Sun, 28 Mar 2010 10:39:12 -0500

My corporate server has the correct time and time-zone offset.

from (some intermediate machine)
by (sender's out-bound SMTP server)
for (me)
Sun, 28 Mar 2010 10:38:17 -0400

The second recieved line indicates that the intermediate machine has the
right time, but wrong offset.

from (the sender's machine) by (intermediate machine)
28 Mar 2010 10:25:56 -0400

The sender's machine seems to have the right time, but wrong offset.
The sender is also in the Eastern Time zome.

In Outlook 2000, outlook is showing me the above e-mail (in the e-mail
list pane) with a time of 11:39 am. When I double-click the message to
open it in it's own window, Outlook displays a time of 10:27 am in the
grey header-type area above the actual message window.

In Outlook, Tools, Options, Calendar options, time-zone, I have Time
Zone: GMT-5 (Eastern time USA Canada) and a check in the "adjust for
daylight savings time".

The current time says "10:57 am". The option "show an additional time
zone" is not checked.

So my question is - where exactly is outlook getting the "11:39 am" time
that it's using when it displays the recieved time for this e-mail in
the message list pane? And why does it show the more correct time
(10:27 am) in the header of the message when I open it?

Another example:

from (an IP web-camera) by (my server) for (me)
Sun, 28 Mar 2010 10:55:45 -0500

The camera is on the same LAN as my server. The camera connected
directly to my mail server to send an e-mail to a local account (mine).
The header of this e-mail does not have a DATE: line. The camera did
not stamp any line in the header with a time-stamp of it's own. Outlook
displays this e-mail in the list pane with a time of 11:56 am.

When I open the e-mail, outlook prints "Sent: none" in the grey header
area above the message window. The "none" must be due to the fact that
there is no actual Date: line in the e-mail header.

But again, outlook displays a recieved time that is +1 hour after the
real received time.

Next problem:

I have outlook configured to retreive e-mail from four pop3 accounts
(using port 110) and one pop3 account (using port 995). I'm having
problems with one of the accounts using port 110, so in Tools, Options,
Mail Services, under "Check for new mail on" I've removed the check box
associated with that account. I've closed outlook and restarted several
times. But outlook is still trying to log into that account to check
for mail. Why is it doing that, and how do I get it to stop?

Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

My computer (win-98se) has a correctly modified time-zone registry entry
for my time zone so it knows when DST is.

The clock in the bottom corner of my screen says 10:45 pm EST, and it's
currently set for GMT-5.

The latest time zone DST values went into effect long after Windows 98 became
unsupported and I don't believe Microsoft ever released the latest set of
patches for the new DST settings for Windows 98. I checked and didn't find
any. It is still using the old values and I believe that's why you see the
problem. For the periods of time between the old DST values and the new ones
you'll see discrepancies and there's nothing to be done about it as far as I
can tell.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

When the server has the wrong time and offset, there isn't much you can do.
See http://www.slipstick.com/calendar/tzupdate.htm for more information and
links to the time zone updates.

As for your other problem, are you using corp or internet mode?

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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