[OT] Best Reseller program?


Tom Gahagan

Hello all.....

The web hosting company I am with has a pretty good reseller program ( 3
gigs of my own space, name my own prices for the plans I resell, those plans
to not count against my companies space, among other things) but I've
just recently found out that some of the services I've been paying for are
not and have not been being performed. I'm not sure exactly how it will pan
out but in the mean time I am going to start looking for another reseller

Any thoughts about good reseller program out there would be appreciated.

Tom Gahagan


Hi To
I use E-Insites and have had pretty good luck with them. The are not much for hand holding but someone of your experience wouldn't need that anyway. The have had a rash of email problems lately but seem to be over it for now, though they do not have their auto-responders back yet and it has been a month. You can check them out at
they have control panel demos to check-out if you would like. If you find something better let me know, though I am pretty happy with this outfit

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