ORK & "Default delivery location" trouble



I am using the Office Resource Kit to create an MST file to setup custom
settings for our install of officeXP. When I use ORK to create an MST for a
machine using the XP OS and not 2000, it seems no matter what I try, the
default delivery location for all mail is on the local computer in a PST file
and not on the exchange server.

The settings that I have adjusted are:

Step 16 of 22: Outlook: Customize Default Profile
I've chosen both: Modify Profile and New Profile (under new profile I choose
the profile name Outlook)

Step 17 of 22: Outlook: Specify Exchange Settings
I've chosen "Configure an Exchange Server connection"
For Username I use %Username% and for Exchange Server I put in our exchange
server name. I've tried creating MSTs with both "Overwrite existing exchange
settings" checked and unchecked.

Step 18 of 22: Outlook: Add Accounts
I choose the "Customize additional Outlook and profile account information"
radial and then adjust the "Deliver new mail to the following location" from
<default> to "Exchange Server". At one point I kept the "Do not customize
Outlook profile and Account information" radial checked but that didn't help

These are typically the only changes I make.

After I create the MST and then try and install OfficeXP onto an XP machine
and then login with a user that has average rights, they get all their mail
delivered to a PST folder and not the exchange server.

Now what's really weird is that I finally *did* get it to work on one
computer and when someone logs in the get all their mail directed to their
exchange box and everything is fine but I can't get it to work on any other

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Try exporting the .prf file that those settings create and running it separately. Does that create the desired profile? If not, post back with the first 4 sections of the PRF file.

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