Opera 7.50 preview 3 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD is now available


Gordon Darling

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Opera 7.50 preview 3 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD is now available

"Hi all,

Opera 7.50 preview 3 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD is now available.

Please discuss this release in the opera.linux or opera.os.solaris newsgroups
or opera-linux mail list before submitting bugs to our BTS (Bug Tracking

When you start a thread on opera.linux newsgroup or opera-linux mail list
please do not reply to this message. Instead: Write a subject line that
tells what you want to talk about. That way it is much simpler to keep
track of everything.

New features

- New: Chat File Transfer
Opera Chat now has the ability to send and receive files from other
chat clients. To initiate a transfer, right-click another user's
nickname in the nick list and choose "Send file...". Transferred
files will display in the Transfers panel/window with a green down
arrow if they're downloads and a red up arrow if they're uploads.

- Manage Dialogs are Back
After a lot of valuable feedback, the Manage dialogs for Bookmarks,
Contacts, Links, and History, as well as the Transfer window, are
back. They can be accessed by their keyboard shortcuts or from the
Tools menu. The maximized panels are still available too, and can be
activated using their Ctrl+Shift+# (0 to 9) keyboard shortcuts or by
double-clicking on the panel selector button.

- Improved Threading
Threading of e-mail and newsgroup messages should be greatly improved
with this release. There were some serious problems, especially when
you started a thread.

- SDI Improvements
SDI has received some much-needed attention. For instance, keyboard
shortcuts for opening and closing pages and windows have been improved
and windows close when you close the last page. It should be a much
more comfortable experience for SDI users.

- Fixed Margin Collapsing Issues
The display issues at LiveJournal.com have been fixed. Other web
pages that had large gabs since 7.50 Preview 1 should also display
better now.

- Better Message Selection
Opera now does a better job displaying the message most relevant to
you when you open a Mail view. Selected messages are also remembered
across sessions, so you'll never again have to find the message you
were looking at last time you used Opera.

A detailed list of changes is available at


Espen Sand
(e-mail address removed)"


Gordon Darling

On Tue, 09 Mar 2004 17:54:21 +0000, Gordon Darling wrote:

Whoops. Forgot the OT on the subject line - corrected - GD

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