Opening xls files in Excel 2007



If I double click on an xls file to open it, Excel will open but not the
file. It just opens blank. I then need to use the open procedures within
excel to get to my file. Why can't I just double click on the xls file from
a folder an have it open directly into Excel?




....Try this:

Right click on the Start button, select EXPLORE.
In the Explore window select TOOLS > FOLDER OPTIONS
Find the .xls file and select the ADVANCED button.
Select Open, then select EDIT.
In the "Application used to perform action:" window add "%1" to the end of
the statement so it looks like this:
....\EXCEL.EXE" /e "%1"
Be sure to put a "space" between /e and "%1" AND include the quotes.

Say OK to get out and try to open the file.


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