Open XLS file



I have received an XLS folder with 2 files on CD which I have downloaded to
my Documents. These files contain ‘Spreadsheets’. The first file 60KB opens
in ‘Office Word Viewer’ without any problems. The second file which is a much
larger 37MB will not open in ‘Word or the Excel Viewer’ and this message

“Office application experienced an error trying to open the file. Try these
suggestions. Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Make sure
there is sufficient free memory and disk space. Open the file with the Text
Recovery converter“.

My computer is ‘Vista Home Premium’ can you suggest any other way to open
this file or is my computer not up to the job? Many thanks.




If it does not contain confidential information then you can upload it at and send me a link at (e-mail address removed). I will take a look
and let you know if the file is Ok. I can try to convert it to pdf if you
just want to take a look.

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