XLS Files Default Program



I have Office 2007 and for some reason I cannot set my default program to
Exel for XLS files. I went to the chage default program section - I have two
files in my Microsoft Office 12 Folder (Office 10 does not have anything).
One is Excel, the next is excelcnv . Right now excelnv is the default
program but when I click on or try to download an xls file the computer
thinks for a second and then nothing happens. I can open these files only if
I open excel first and then go through the excel menu to open them.

Any suggestions?





1. Close Excel
2. Choose Windows Start Button|Run
Type excel /unregserver

3. Choose Windows Start Button|Run
Type excel /regserver

You may have to give the complete path to Excel.exe in your Office12 folder

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