Open Outlook links in non-default browser



I'm wondering if it's possible to open a link in Outlook in the
non-default browser. In this case that happens to be IE since everyone
in my office uses Firefox as the default browser. The reason for
wanting to do this is that we have a intranet web application that we
get emails from and we would like to open links from these emails in
IE. I recently found that if I hold down the Ctrl key when clicking a
link IE does get opened, but with out the url of the link that was
clicked. I wonder why IE opens, but without the correct url, instead it
opens with the default home page. Anyone know why this is happening?

PA Bear

CrystalBall© sez: [Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs >] Set Program Access
and Defaults > Browser: IE *must* be chosen here if you're running IE7 Beta
2 and want such links to work.

Beta testers of IE7 Public Preview are asked to post their comments &
questions to microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general newsgroup.

On the web:

In your newsreader:

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