Open media player twice at the same time?


Mike Barnard

Can XP pro open media player twice? I want to have a movie playing,
but pause it and swap to other media, mp3's, then go back without
losing my place.

Don't ask why! :) And no, porn has no place in this discussion.

Mike Barnard, Worthing, UK.
Amateur PC enthuisast, trying to learn more.
And I play a lot of games! :)

Homebuild PC. Tsunami Dream case. Thermaltake 750w PSU.
ASUS P5B-E mobo / Intel Core2 [email protected] / 4 gig DDR2 ram
Nvidea GTX260 graphics.
Creative Labs Xfi Xtreme Gamer - Logitech 5.1 surround sound
1 x 1tb WD Caviar Black SATA drive. (C - 250gb)(E - 675gb)
1 x Lightscribe DVD burner.
1 x 250gb Maxtor SATA
1 x 350gb WD SATA
1 x other HDD
WD MyBook 500gb external drive
Razer Copperhead gaming mouse
Old, but comfortable, Logitech keyboard

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