Open Business Contacts from Accounts and vice versa



In Business Contact Manager, I frequently find that while viewing a Business
Contact, I would like to open, view and edit the Account name to which it is
linked. However, there is no direct way to click on the Account name in the
Business Contact view to open the Account. Instead, I must go to the Account
listing and open the Account there.

In vice versa, I also find that while viewing an Account, I would like to
open, view and edit one fo the Business Contacts that have been associated
with the Account. However, there is no direct way to click on the Business
Contact name in the Account view to open the Business Contact. Instead, I
must go to the Business Contact listing and open the Business Contacct there.

The capability to do open Accounts and Business Contacts directly from other
Business Contact Manager views would be a great enhancement of the Business
Contact Manager.

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I agree on the first point as this is a frustration that you can’t open an
account from within a business contact.

To try to help on your 2nd query; you can open and amend business contacts
from within an account by double clicking on the contact from the main
account window. This opens up the contact for editing etc. Hope this helps.


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