Only first few records visible in table after running append query


Ken Warthen

I have an append query in an Access 2007 database that uses a linked Excel
spredsheet as its source. When I run the query it appends about 65,000
records to an Access table (that has no records in it before running the
query). When I open the table it shows the proper number of records in the
record count indicator, but only the first five records show visible text.
Any idea what's going on here?


Jerry Whittle

65,000 records is where Excel and Access start having problems. In older
versions, like Access 2, 16K records could cause problems. This is because
the file format of Excel would only handle that many records. Sometimes
Access assumes an older version of Excel.

What kind of Excel spreadsheet? Excel 2007 can hold up to a million rows if
I remember correctly.

Have you tried sorting the table? Possibly it is showing blank records first.

Possibly put in a Not Null criteria in the query.

Show us the SQL for the query. Open the query in design view. Next go to
View, SQL View and copy and past it here.

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